Contract Negotiation Checklist – Don’t forget Your Pre-Nup

Saying “I Do” to a vendor? Not without a pre-nup! Throughout my career, I have negotiated hundreds of IT service contracts; many of which were for Cloud and SaaS services. I’ve also born witness to all the things that can go wrong when businesses fail to engage in the contract negotiation process. You may be…

“Outsourcing a non-compliant process will make us compliant”

Intreis Myth Busters are back! We just wrapped up Compliance Myth #5 – “The ‘right’ policies and procedures will make us compliant”. This time we’ll cover why Outsourcing might not be the solution to all your compliance problems. This myth seems innocuous enough. You’re in an IT department and there are some things you just…

Good Cloud Gone Bad

There has been a flood of articles lately about the darker aspects of Cloud technology. Companies and government agencies alike are having massive revelations about the short comings of Cloud technology. Revelations such as: In some cases Cloud services can actually cost more than maintaining your own physical servers (See: Why Some Startups Say the…

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