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“Teamwork is not a virtue, it is a choice.”
- Patrick Lencioni
Ron Markham


chairman & co-founder

I am a co-founder of Intréis and serve as the company's non-executive board chairman and head cheerleader. I am also a practicing CIO at Millward Brown, a WPP/Kantar company. I’ve dedicated my career to changing the perception of the corporate IT department in organizations, ...

Kris Markham


CEO & co-founder

With over 7 years of IT Consulting experience working with customers to streamline process, reduce cost, and replace legacy systems with leading cloud platforms like ServiceNow, I founded Intréis because I saw an opportunity using platforms like ServiceNow to disrupt ...

Morgan Hunter


COO & co-founder

I enjoy motorsport and am currently working toward my racing license. I consider the race track the ultimate proving ground for the discipline of risk management. I am a published business writer and active blogger. I have a dual degree from the University of Missouri at Kansas ...

Jenny Juliany


VP solutions architecture & co-founder

Do you know that if you stick a long needle through a world globe, from USA on one side, you’ll end up with Indonesia on the other side? I am one of those who are fortunate to experience living on the complete opposite side of the world. I treasure all valuable experiences ...

Margaret Muir


marketing coordinator

I graduated from Saint Louis University, where I studied Spanish and International Business. I’ve always welcomed new experiences and challenges - whether it is traveling to a new country, trying a new sport, or learning a new recipe. Although I had no prior experience with ...

Jessa Lyders


director delivery & principal consultant

I always knew I wanted to learn the fundamentals of IT to be an effective business leader. I graduated from University of Virginia’s engineering school and spent the first part of my career managing IT Risk Management for global organizations before joining Intréis. Working ...

Rosanne Delaney


principal consultant

I am a life-long project manager in a variety of fields; at home, hospitality, education, financial and technical. I love to problem solve and use my creativity to provide outside of the box solutions. I am passionate about learning, mentoring, and making people smile. In all ...

Brian Hudson


senior technical consultant

Best advice I ever received was to never be comfortable. Whether it is in life or a specific situation, I never want to slow down. I graduated from San Diego State University with a BS in Computer Science and since then found myself in the software-consulting field. Every ...

Peter Oneppo


principal consultant

I feel I am a true jack-of-all-trades, having worked in development, infrastructure, operations, and project management. For example, I helped to manage capacity globally at ServiceNow while implementing new policies and procedures to improve our response to infrastructure ...

Nathan Dupirack


principal consultant

I joined Intréis after spending several years as an IT Risk Consultant for a professional services firm. I received my BS in MIS and Supply Chain Management from Duquesne University. I appreciate a good challenge and am always looking for a way to improve processes using ...

Stacy Young


director of HR

I acquired my degree in Exercise Science from Illinois State University. After which, I went from aiding individuals in their quest for improved health and fitness, to providing technical career opportunities! I consider myself a well-versed generalist, with extensive experience ...

Heidi Presteen


principal consultant

I take pride in serving clients with diligence and enthusiasm. I have over 10 years of experience working in a multitude of industries from small organizations to global organizations. Leveraging skills from my Master’s Degree in Scientific and Technical Communication and ...

Kevin Koziol



I graduated from Bradley University, majoring in Entrepreneurship. I've always had a passion for small business and technology. I believe strongly in continuous learning and enjoy staying technically current. I currently reside in ...

Michael Dortch


director of marketing

I have been telling stories about technology in ‘The Real World’ and translating what technologists say and do, into information non-technologists can understand, since the late 1970's. If there’s a more fun, more fascinating way to make a living, I have yet to see it. ...

Angie Redfern



I am an education major who inadvertently got into the IT industry. I love working with clients, solving business problems, and streamlining processes. When I am not working, I am heavily involved with our family and baseball. Yes, you can even bling up baseball. I live in ...

Doug Penta


technical consultant

Originally from the Boston area, I graduated a few years ago from Fairfield University in Connecticut and moved back to Boston to begin working in the technology industry. After gaining experience in a couple different roles, particularly using ServiceNow, I looked into ...

Kavita Sharma



I graduated in computer science and that journey has taken me towards becoming an IT Project Manager. Compliance, Risk Management, and Auditing have defined how Information Technology caters to organizations. I found my niche in understanding how proper governance leads towards ...

John Linamen



Upon graduating from Duquesne University with a degree in Information Systems Management and Supply Chain Management, I spent the first two years of my career working as an IT Audit Consultant for a professional services firm. What I learned about GRC at the onset of my career ...

Shauna Gillens



I can honestly say that after graduating from Baylor University, I did not expect to find myself working in the space of Information Technology. I have always had a passion for business development, organizational effectiveness, process improvement, and change management. ...

Lanre Elujoba


technical consultant

I graduated with a Bachelors degree in Computer Information Systems with a minor in Business Administration and Religion. I have always loved and admired technology since childhood. My love for interacting with people caused me to minor in business, and also prepared me to ...

Kim Lyman



Prior to joining Intreis, I was in Professional Services for RSA Archer. I’ve always been interested in helping clients automate and improve processes through the use of technology. I graduated from Kansas State University with a BA in Management Information Systems and spent ...

Joseph Petrotta


technical consultant

I am currently a fourth year undergraduate at the University of California San Diego studying Computer Science Engineering with a specialization in Artificial Intelligence. I’m just starting my career in the technical world but knew that this was the field that I wanted to be ...

Damien Barriteau


technical consultant

I’m a graduate of California State Northridge (just north of Los Angeles), with a BS in Computer Science and a minor in Mathematics. I’ve always known that I wanted to work with computers, but never knew which area I wanted to be in. When I was introduced to ServiceNow, it ...

Julian Azaret


technical consultant

I graduated from Wesleyan University with degrees in Mathematics and Philosophy, and since then my career has followed the ITSM industry onto the cloud. When I’m not working, I can be found at a local bike race, in the White Mountains, or at home perusing the latest ...

Amy Morgan


principal consultant

I like to put my touch on things. Whether it’s putting a healthy spin on a comfort food recipe or improving a cumbersome business process, I like to optimize whatever it is I am doing. I am all about trying to figure out a way to do something better, faster, easier, etc. I ...

Rob Ballin


vice president of sales

I’ve been in the IT Service Management consulting industry for over 5 years, with specific skillsets in ServiceNow solutioning, configuration, and development. I’ve architected and developed solutions for 200+ ServiceNow customers. In my spare time I enjoy golfing and ...

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