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“Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.”
- John F. Kennedy


It all started with the realization that there is a better, more simplified approach to conducting Service Management and Compliance Automation. The legacy process models of yesteryear can no longer sufficiently support the evolving needs of the business, the technological advancements, and the wide-ranging threats of today.

We founded Intréis to inspire a change in attitude and thinking on the part of CIOs and senior technology professionals around the world.

Being the first to break onto the scene with the newest technology trend, is no longer a path to sustained market leadership. When technology implementations aren’t people-centric, it creates challenges for the very people it is supposed to serve. Technology advancements needs to be supported by long-term strategic and innovative thinking, with serious consideration for service delivery and risk management.

At Intréis, we use people-centric design to integrate critical technologies and business processes on a single manageable platform. Our portfolio of professional services and solutions, focuses squarely on helping our clients transform their entire service, risk, and compliance ecosystem.


At Intréis, we have discovered that by challenging the status quo, we have a lot more time to do what we love. This little secret has transformed our lives in ways we couldn’t have imagined.

We envision a future in which working people enjoy the freedom of autonomy, enabled by people-focused systems, well-designed processes, and technology you can trust. A future in which people feel tremendous fulfilment at work, is a future worth striving for.

To help create this future, we are putting together a team of individuals that have an immense desire to learn, serve, and make a difference by taking a stand against bad process.


Our eclectic team of pro’s share three very important things:

  • As individuals, we are life-long learners. As a team, we prioritize cross-training and constant growth. In this entrepreneurial atmosphere, we enjoy the privilege of ‘wearing many hats’ as we support each other across departmental, state, and international borders.
  • “Check your ego at the door” is an informal policy we practice, ensuring everyone stands on equal footing. We welcome the discussion of differing viewpoints, honest feedback, and collaboration on complex projects.
  • At the core of our beliefs is the simple recognition that Life is too short to dread going to work every day, which is why we set out to take a stand against bad processes. Together we will eliminate this awful enemy of workplace happiness (see our Manifesto below). We know the secret to having more time to do what we love…like motorsport, enjoying the great outdoors, spending time with loved ones, and traveling. We’re dedicated to sharing this secret with our clients.

We embrace innovation and creativity as the foundation of our daily work. We continuously look for new ways to help our clients, their teams, and their organizations gain competitive advantage.

We recognize that it’s the people that make a company great. We are looking for more talented individuals, passionate about making a difference, and share our mission to build world-class organizations through integrating operations, service management, and governance risk & compliance.


Let’s take a stand against the enemy of service excellence, employee engagement & productivity, and workplace happiness.
  • Bad processes increase complexity, ineffectiveness, and wasted resources.
  • Bad processes result in employee disengagement and workplace misery.
  • Bad processes bring unhappiness to all stakeholders.
  • Bad processes make people miss birthdays, anniversaries, and the things that truly matter.
Together we will eliminate all bad processes, and the world will be a more joyful place for all; even for our friends in the most highly regulated sectors.

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