The Dark Ages of Data Privacy

Data Privacy Day So, January 28th is Data Privacy Day and our marketing department thought it would be a great idea to write a blog on, you guessed it, data privacy. Not really a new thing for us; we’ve written a ton of blogs on the topic and we’ve even been quoted in a book….

“The ‘right’ policies and procedures will make us compliant”

Thanks for stopping in for the next post from the Intreis Myth Busters! Last week we discussed why the attitude that “IT GRC is a necessary evil” could be harming your organization. Now we’re moving on to debunk “The ‘right’ policies and procedures will make us compliant”. Having the right polices in place can be…

“We don’t store sensitive data”

Intreis Myth Busters are back to refute the myth “We don’t store sensitive data”! There are countless approaches for determining whether or not you store sensitive data. Ask 100 experts, and you’ll likely get 100 different recommendations on assessing whether you store sensitive data. Here is the simple approach I like to take: Step 1:…

The Four Seasons of Data Management – ‘Winter’ Removal

Welcome to the final blog of the Four Seasons of Data Management Series. Through ‘Spring’ inception, ‘Summer’ primetime, and ‘Fall’ retirement periods, we reach the last leg of this journey: ‘Winter’ Removal. In this blog, we will concentrate on the stage when information/data has reached the end of its life and must be permanently removed, disposed of, and destroyed….

The Four Seasons of Data Management – ‘Fall’ Retirement

Welcome to the Part 3 of the Four Seasons of Data Management Series – focusing on ‘Fall’ Retirement. This is the period when data/information is no longer used or relevant and hence ready for retirement. Let’s start with answers to the very basic questions of what, where, and when. WHAT – Data Classification If you…

The Four Seasons of Data Management – ‘Summer’ Primetime

Welcome to the Part 2 of the Four Seasons of Data Management Series! If you missed the first part, check out “Spring’s Inception” that speaks to how to handle new data coming in to your organization right from the start. During the ‘Summer’ or Primetime of data management, data is active and ripe in term…

The Four Seasons of Data Management – ‘Spring’ Inception

One thing I love about living in Midwest is the change of season. It wasn’t long ago that I admired the sumptuous green on my neighbors’ yards (yeah…it always looks better elsewhere, right?). And now, the vibrant autumn leaves steal the show. It makes the world seem so colorful! Every season is unique in its…

Data Access vs Data Security: Is it Possible to Have Both?

As soon as I get the call, I walk quickly into the ER post-op room…I have been in the waiting room for 3 hours and am anxious to hear the results. The surgeon greets me, pulls out his iPad, and shows me the CT images of my husband’s wrist, pointing to where they rebuilt his…

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