So You Need a Risk Assessment – Now What?

As we cited in “Risk Assessments are only a piece of the Risk Management Puzzle,” the abysmal performance of organizations in the first round of Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) audits shows great room for improvement. None of the facts outlined by David Solove in “The Most Alarming Fact of the HIPAA Audits”,…

Risk Assessments are only a piece of the Risk Management Puzzle

In this post, we’d like to address some interesting points outlined in David Solove’s “The Most Alarming Fact of the HIPAA Audits.”  One area that absolutely must be addressed is the lack of proper risk assessments. Two-thirds of all entities–47 of out of 59 providers, 20 out of 35 health plans, and 2 out of…

COSO 2013: Risk Assessment

Welcome to part three of our COSO 2013 blog series.  In our previous blog, we discussed the COSO framework’s key principles for the development of a robust control environment and ways that ServiceNow can assist with the implementation of those principles in your organization.  Having setup your control environment, we can now focus on the…

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