Michael Dortch

“Life is too short to waste time being bored!”

michael dortch.

director of marketing

Why Intréis?

Because I absolutely love working with interesting people, on interesting stuff, that makes a difference. All of business, and much of life, runs on computing. Which means that by making that computing and the people supporting and using it more responsive, agile and beneficial, I get to do what I love every day at Intréis!

About me

I have been telling stories about technology in ‘The Real World’ and translating what technologists say and do, into information non-technologists can understand, since the late 1970's. If there’s a more fun, more fascinating way to make a living, I have yet to see it.

My interests

Technology-driven world/life transformation, Travel (local, domestic and international), The Earth, Outer Space, Inner Space, Cooking, Eating, Artisanal Foods and Beverages, Music (consuming and performing)

Recent tweets

  • : the next level of nastiness...and more to come in . Get ready—talk to !…

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  • Dear : to be clear, it's not who was meant to read the , reprehensible things you said. It's that you said them. Sigh.

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  • Attention, (and others!): Shh! you never know who—or what—may be listening... :-) …

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