Your Enterprise as a Work of “ART”

Your Enterprise as a Work of “ART”

While every enterprise is different, there are three fundamental characteristics that appear common to every successful modern enterprise – things that make that enterprise a work of “ART.”

The successful modern enterprise is:ART Diagram

Agile – able to navigate nimbly all types of internal and external change, expected and unexpected.

Resilient – able to avoid threats, disasters, and disruptions, and to recover rapidly and seamlessly from those that cannot be avoided.

Trustworthy – able to credibly demonstrate and document operational transparency, in ways that both create and justify high levels of trust among all stakeholders.

How to Achieve a State of ART

So how best to achieve and sustain a state of “ART?” By attaining another characteristic common to successful enterprises: enterprise service and process excellence. Which stands to reason, since consistent, enterprise-wide agility, resilience, and trustworthiness require consistently excellent services and processes. Agility, resilience, and trustworthiness are the pillars supporting the successful modern enterprise, Enterprise service and process excellence is the foundation that supports those pillars.

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To get to enterprise service and process excellence, your enterprise must automate, integrate, and optimize management of its services, as well as governance, risk, and compliance. In many cases, this begins within IT, since IT has deep experience in delivering and managing services. Once proven within IT, that management can be extended across the enterprise. Such management is the bedrock that complements the foundation that supports the pillars of agility, resilience, and trustworthiness.

Of course, none of these strengths can be achieved or sustained by any processes or technologies alone. As with almost everything else a successful enterprise does, ART is achieved and sustained by people. Specifically, you and your people. In concert with colleagues from across your enterprise. Evolution into an ARTful enterprise requires leaders, evangelists, champions, and supporters to implement and manage the policies, processes, technologies, and services that make ART possible.

During the next few weeks, additional posts will dig a bit more deeply into the market forces driving the rise of the ARTful enterprise, and how your enterprise can achieve and sustain agility, resilience, and trustworthiness. As always, your comments, questions, and stories are welcome. More to come…

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Michael Dortch

  • Joel Pomales

    Like this. Changing the mindset and the culture of the organization is very important. People have to know unequivocally that what they’re doing is beneficial to the organization and to themselves. Tangible objectives (tied to business results) are key. A strong governance framework is key.

    • DortchOnIT

      Couldn’t agree more, Joel. I’d only add that those responsible for tasks such as governance and service management must get better at framing their work in terms of what’s “beneficial to the organization and to themselves” — AND at communicating those benefits to their colleagues and other stakeholders. Might even be worthwhile collaborating with their marketing teams on getting the message out more effectively. :-)

      • Joel Pomales

        Correct!. It’s about connections between humans. I’ve a feeling that some organizations are just afraid of engaging marketing because they feel they can’t contribute and I think this is a mistake.

  • Kenneth Gonzalez

    I like the ART triad as pillars for the modern enterprise! Emphasizing the relational part is absolutely critical. Well done, sir!

  • Steve Emerson

    Great blog Michael! You hit the nail on the head with these three
    pillars. As with any successful transformation, it will involve a culture change
    and who better to drive this initiative towards the Enterprise than those who
    have done it countless times within their own organization? IT Leaders of

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