Your “ART-ful” Enterprise: Agility

As we explained in our last blog Your Enterprise as a Work of “ART”, to become more “ART-ful,” your enterprise must become more agile, resilient, and trustworthy. This post digs a bit more deeply into what business agility is, why it matters, and how to achieve and sustain it. According to the book, “Built to…

Your Enterprise as a Work of “ART”

While every enterprise is different, there are three fundamental characteristics that appear common to every successful modern enterprise – things that make that enterprise a work of “ART.” The successful modern enterprise is: - Agile – able to navigate nimbly all types of internal and external change, expected and unexpected. - Resilient – able to avoid threats,…

Enterprise Service and Process Excellence: What It Is and How to Get It

Enterprise Service and Process Excellence, the “Alphabet Soup for the Soul of the Enterprise:” “ITSM + GRC = ESPE,” where: “ITSM” = “IT service management;” “GRC” = “governance, risk, and compliance;” and “ESPE” = “enterprise service and process excellence.” That last FLA (“four-letter acronym,” of course!) may be new to you, but its underlying concepts should…

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