IT-UCF Compliance Meta-data for ServiceNow.


By cross-mapping controls, a control only need be tested once to demonstrate compliance to multiple regulations and best practices frameworks. Cross-mapping controls and keeping them updated every time there is a regulatory change can be a tedious and repetitive task, but dread no more, there’s a solution.


We offer compliance meta-data from Network Frontier’s IT UCF, and make it easy for organizations to design and integrate controls frameworks into ServiceNow.


This IT UCF is the only industry-vetted compliance database framework. It provides consolidated controls, structure, and content for over 600 authoritative sources. This IT UCF Meta-Data includes the data, transform maps, and the quarterly updates required to seamlessly integrate compliance data with your implementation of ServiceNow. Our IT UCF-Enabled Compliance Meta-Data is provided on a subscription basis, updated quarterly, and tailored specific to your compliance environment.

Key Benefits

  • Never have to manually cross-map controls again
  • Always stay up to date with every regulatory change


  • Cloud Switch (coming soon)

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