Two-factor Authentication.


Passwords, as the only step in the authentication process, can be easily compromised.


We can help enhance the security of your ServiceNow instance, to protect your stakeholders with our Two-factor Authentication for ServiceNow solution. This solution adds an additional requirement to the authenticating process, in order to mitigate risks and meet strict compliance standards.


In addition to entering their username and password, users are required to enter a unique and time-sensitive authentication code, in order to log in to ServiceNow. Through an integration with Twilio, a cloud-based telecommunications provider, the authentication code is sent to the user’s mobile phone using SMS. The code expires to ensure that it cannot be reused. This additional restriction can be applied to all users in your organization or a subset based on their security role.

Key Benefits

  • Increased security
  • Easily configurable
  • Simple to use
  • No additional equipment required

Future features

  • Receive the code via a phone call (text-to-voice), rather than SMS message
  • Use a grid to authenticate


  • Cloud Switch (coming soon)

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