Launch – QuickStart for ServiceNow.


Not every organization has the internal bandwidth to get a new IT Service Management (ITSM) platform up and running efficiently and effectively. Launch addresses these gaps and is designed specifically for smaller, growing organizations or clients who are on a tight timeframe and budget.


The Intréis Launch approach utilizes a simple best practice process to walk the customer through a self-guided requirements definition exercise. Every Launch client receives a set of guidebooks and workbooks customized to their scope of work. The guidebooks educate on ITIL and ServiceNow best practices, while the workbooks extract the information needed to effectively configure the platform.

Process and Strategy
The Intréis engagement philosophy is to:

  • Engage with your people to gain a deep understanding of your organization
  • Tell you if you’re sacrificing long-term gain for short-term benefit
  • Challenge you to transform your thinking and your processes
  • Give you the data you need to make informed decisions
  • Warn you if a decision has financial or risk implications
  • Prevent you from biting off more than you can chew
  • Let you know if there’s an easier way to do somethingGuide you toward industry best practice

Technology and Implementation
Specific to the implementation of a Launch project, we seek to:

  • Minimize customization
  • Leverage out-of-the-box functionally
  • Follow Change Management best practices when delivering functionality
  • Employ security best practices when making recommendations and designing solutions
  • Speak openly with you about what a given technology can and can’t do
  • Educate you on data maintenance and data hygiene best practices relating to your deployment
  • Proactively inform you if a proposed requirement has a system maintenance impact 



We utilize a combination of Training, Workshop Guides, and Enablement to educate, define, gather, and implement process and technical requirements for ServiceNow applications within scope.

  • Lay a foundation for a successful implementation
    • ITIL Overview Training
    • Demo’s and Discussion
  • Define scalable best practice processes and technical requirements for ServiceNow implementation
    • Launch – QuickStart Workshop Guides
  • Setup your users for success using materials tailored to your ServiceNow environment
    • Process User Training Materials and Delivery
    • End User Training Material and Delivery

Key Benefits

  • Quickly transition from your legacy processes and technology to mature ITIL Best Practice Processes on ServiceNow
  • Gain valuable insights through Best Practice KPI’s and Metrics
  • Educate and empower your users through training
  • Lay the foundation for growth on the ServiceNow platform



    Service Management
  • Launch – QuickStart for ServiceNow
  • Cloud Switch (coming soon)

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