Process & Strategy Workshops.


Security issues can cause havoc in the lives of all stakeholders. A significant challenge faced by organizations is identifying what levels of security are appropriate and how to achieve them. Hardening a system too much may result in excessive costs, while preventing people from efficiently executing their functions. By the same token, policies that are too relaxed would open the organization up to vulnerabilities.


To help you identify the ideal “sweet spot” for your unique needs, we facilitate a series of workshops with your security team and key stakeholders.


In this process, we guide your team through the current state, company needs, and industry best practices. As the workshops progress, we document priorities and help to develop a roadmap tailored for your organization.

Key Benefits

  • Get everyone on the same page about security processes and strategies
  • Identify the level of security that makes sense for your organization
  • Develop a high-level roadmap for implementing security processes
  • Processes designed specifically for the people that use them.


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