ServiceNow Business Continuity Planning & Disaster Recovery.


Business Continuity Planning & Disaster Recovery (BCPDR) is important, yet it often falls to the bottom of the priority list until auditors come knocking on the door. Management of business continuity plans is tedious and complicated with dependencies from all corners of your organization. To top it off, as soon as you complete your Business Continuity Planning or Disaster Recovery plan, it seems like it’s already out of date.


Intréis can automate most aspects of on-going Business Continuity Planning & Disaster Recovery, and help you sleep better at night knowing that auditors are just around the corner. Our methodology includes these four steps:

  • Prevention
    Documentation and Testing can go a long way in helping prevent disasters from crippling an organization. Using ServiceNow Managed Documents and automated testing capabilities, organizations can minimize impact and prevent serious disruptions to their business.
  • Preparation
    The key to preparing is understanding your underlying infrastructure by business system and the relationships between the Configuration Items that make up those business systems. Utilizing ServiceNow Configuration Management Database, you can quickly identify upstream and downstream impacts in real-time as the infrastructure changes. ServiceNow Project Management allows you to automate the execution of yearly BCP projects by engaging the appropriate resources throughout the enterprise.
  • Response
    Using Twilio Cloud Communications, we enable robust voice and SMS capabilities including call tree testing, crisis communications, and conference calling.
  • Integration
    Integrations with applications such as Pinkerton’s Vigilance can enhance BCPDR prevention and preparation activities


BCPDR on ServiceNow is a natural extension of both Service Management, and Governance, Risk, and Compliance. ServiceNow houses all of the data, relationships, and functionality to enable a cutting edge BCPDR management capability, which gives organizations greater visibility, reduces risks, and automates all aspects of a robust BCPDR program.

Key Benefits

  • ServiceNow creates greater visibility into all aspects of BCPDR allowing organizations to respond faster and more effectively. Adding in ServiceNow Discovery and gain real-time updates to DR planning and documentation.
  • Automation of planning, review, and testing activities helps organizations reduce cost and save time
  • Integration with Service Management and Governance, Risk, and Compliance processes allows organizations to enable a new level of Risk Management and business insights reporting capabilities

Risk & Compliance


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