Webinar: Strategies for Automating GRC on ServiceNow

The increasing demands from regulators and auditors for IT organizations to demonstrate how their internal controls meet regulatory requirements now far exceed most IT organizations’ capacity to prepare and respond. It is not unusual for the typical IT group within the enterprise to have to comply with three or more compliance programs annually (SOX, PCI, HIPAA, etc). This webinar presents strategies for integrating and automating Governance, Risk, and Compliance activities, with an eye toward achieving a “test once, comply many” capability, and achieving that capability using your existing (or new) ServiceNow platform.

Topics Covered:

I. ITUCF Compliance Meta Data for ServiceNow

Enable your team with a test once comply many approach

II. ServiceNow GRC

Use Governance, Risk, & Compliance to grow a profitable, scalable, and agile business on ServiceNow

III. ServiceNow Risk Management

Real-time Risk Management, building an enterprise Risk Program on ServiceNow

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