ServiceNow Integration Services.


Running a large organization is complex, and is further complicated by high levels of disconnect. Integration brings all the pieces together into a whole, improving visibility, bringing you new insights, and giving you the power to make better business decisions.


Our Integration Services help you extend your IT environments to connect separate parts and platforms, and to centralize data.


Integrations can be drastically different. In order to ensure success, we first identify the specific goals for the integration. Examples include synchronizing data between two systems or using an action in one system to trigger an event in another. We determine how (push vs. pull), when, and what data will be transferred. Once the requirements are gathered, we leverage industry standard technologies to connect the systems. These technologies include SOAP, REST, JDBC, XML, and JSON. Our architects have a strong understanding of web service protocols and advanced data sets, enabling them to develop, install, and manage complex communications between systems.

Key Benefits

  • Centralize your data for increased reporting and process visibility
  • Orchestrate and automate complex processes for increased ROI
  • Synchronize teams using different software platforms
  • Automatically collect evidence for compliance testing

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