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Running Service Management and Risk & Compliance on two separate platforms has been long accepted as “the way it is”. However, this creates not only unnecessary competition for investments & resource, but also frustration and redundant processes. So why not embed your GRC controls directly into your Service Management processes to improve both Service and Compliance?


With our unique approach to implementing GRC-enabled ITSM, the same internal controls you depend on to ensure compliance, such as SOX and HIPAA, can enable higher levels of performance for your core operations and service delivery teams. We are the only organization in the industry doing this, because we are uniquely qualified to deploy what we call Performance-Based Controls.

  • Process that satisfies both Risk and Service requirements together
  • Embodies checks and balances to assure control objectives and operational integrity are achieved
  • Common across ITSM, GRC, and BCDR requirements
  • Enabled via workflow automation on ServiceNow
  • Automated testing of controls
  • Produces and logs operating evidence
  • Fully Auditable


At the core of our methodology is the fundamental concept of placing your system of internal controls at the center of your Service, Risk, & Compliance programs. Our solution leverages the core capabilities of your existing service management platform to automate process, integrate data, and drive business insight. GRC-enabled ITSM implementation creates the perfect engine to power your internal controls framework and improve overall operational effectiveness.

Key Benefits

  • Improved operational efficiency and service delivery
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Lower cost of operations and compliance
  • Lower IT and business risks
  • Better information for risk-related budgeting and decision making
  • Less time on operations and remediation. More time on Innovation

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