ServiceNow IT Asset Management.


Implementing IT Asset Management (ITAM) in your organization will help you track hardware, software, and consumable assets through their lifecycle.  By properly managing these assets, especially along side of your IT Service Management processes, your organization will be able to save money and run more efficiently.



  • The IT Asset Management database is tied to your CMDB so that relevant information about assets gathered in the CMDB can be leveraged by Asset Management and vice versa.
  • ITAM can also be used to support other functions, such as fulfilling catalog requests for equipment.


Hardware Asset Management

  • Purchase new equipment and receive it into your organization
  • Manage inventory by automatically reordering equipment when levels are low or even transferring equipment between multiple warehouses or stockrooms
  • Support the Asset lifecycle by deploying and reclaiming assets
  • Dispose of Assets in a controlled and audited.

Software Asset Management

  • Purchase new licenses
  • Allocate licenses to users or equipment though entitlements
  • Validate that licenses are used only by those who are entitled to do so
  • Reclaim unused licenses

Key Benefits

  • Increased efficiency and cost savings
  • Integrate Asset Management with the other applications you are already running on ServiceNow
  • Reduce hardware and software costs by ensuring your assets are utilized properly
  • Make sure that your business runs efficiently by ensuring proper levels of inventory
  • Ensure that sensitive assets are disposed properly

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