Velocity – Managed Services for ServiceNow.


Not every organization has the internal resources and specific expertise to dedicate to the ongoing development initiatives, which are needed to extend the functionality of the ServiceNow platform and serve evolving business requirements.


We will work with you to capture requirements from the end-users to develop User Stories, which provide both you and our consultants a much better idea of what the end-users will need. The flexibility of this approach leverages the power of the ServiceNow platform, aligns with best practices, and feeds any other applications you may have, setting you up for future success. Requirements are then organized into a backlog, after being ranked by value to your organization and assigned a level of effort. They are developed utilizing one-week Sprints, where we commit to completing a subset of the backlog. At the conclusion of the Sprint, we demo the functionality to your stakeholders and document any gaps that may still exist. Once the feature is complete, we release it to production.

Velocity Methodology (rgb)


The origin of this service is based on the Scrum term “velocity”, which refers to a team’s ability to burn through requirements in a given timeframe. Our Velocity offering is designed to give you access to our experience, talent, and Scrum-based methodology, expanding your capability and capacity to rapidly deploy enhancements and new features on your ServiceNow platform.

Key Benefits

  • Adjust to shifting priorities
    Because the Sprints are short, we can re-rank stories and adjust the backlog to align with new business needs.
  • Shorten return on investment
    By breaking up development into smaller, ranked stories, functionality can be released more frequently, instead of using a “big-bang” approach. This means that your organization can benefit from new features sooner.
  • Improve communication
    By demonstrating functionality frequently, we identify any disconnect between what an end user wants and what a developer interprets, which allows adjustments to be made early instead of just before go-live.
  • Avoid delays
    Being able to release 80% of the features, which are 100% complete, is better than being 80% complete with 100% of the features and releasing nothing.
  • Plan more effectively
    We can easily calculate the rate at which we are completing work, allowing for better time estimates. We can also see the impact of adding or removing stories, which leads to better decisions about what to include and what to put into a wish-list.

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  • Velocity – Managed Services for ServiceNow

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